Anthem Alumni: Fran Garbrah

What Could Be...

India was amazing!! But my journey didn’t just start when we arrived. It started when I turned in my card. I turned in my missions card with my top choices of where I wanted to go. Every time I turn in a missions application I do it blindly , with no idea of how I’m going to get the money to pay for the trip or how I’m going to get the support I need, but I turn in that application just trusting and hoping that I can somehow get there. This was a 7 month journey not just a month long. Over those months I learned what trust looks like. I learned how to pray and I don’t think I’ve ever had as much faith as I did when I was waiting for the money to come in. My relationship with the Lord grow and became stronger. My relationship with my team did the same thing. I learned that when God starts something he will complete it and when God says he will provide, he will provide. This journey was difficult in a few ways. It was humbling, something that I absolutely dislike doing with a passion is asking people for money, I don’t like feeling as if somebody has something over me. I don’t feeling like I’m in debt to anyone so the fact that I had to ask people to support me was extremely difficult but what I had to realize was that when I asked for support I was asking for just that. Support. I wasn’t asking for just money I was asking people to partner with me. It might be a typical mission clique but it’s true. I was asking people to partner with me to benefit the kingdom. To see my heart and support that vision. Something else that was difficult for me was vulnerability. I always saw vulnerability as a weakness. Not in anybody else but in myself. I always thought that I had to be strong no matter what so I couldn’t let people see the struggles, I couldn’t let them see the tears, but what my team taught me is that vulnerability is strength. Sharing your heart with people takes boldness and courage. I had to learn that the things we have been through in our lives are not meant to be withheld and hidden but rather to be used to glorify God. Through the trials and difficulties in your life God has done something through you so why not share that if it could be used for the benefit of others or the glorification of the kingdom.

The actual trip

This mission trip was amazing I loved it so much. The first thing we did was worked at Michael Job Center. This is an orphanage and a school with about 500 girls from ages 7 to around 22. We helped with their sports camp. We woke up at around at 5:30am for chapel where we would do worship, a bible story and testimonies. Then breakfast then we would do the sports camp until 3 and then play with girls. We all built amazing connections with the girls. Our goal was to show these girls the love of the father and to instill in them a hope for the future. We spoke life over those girls and really helped then understand that they are loved beyond compare. We asked God to give us his heart for those girls and he did. Leaving those girls was one the hardest things my team and I had to do but we enjoyed being there very much. We actually left MJC on my birthday but the day before the girls had found out that it was my birthday. During lunch that day they invited me up on stage and all the girls sang my happy birthday it was amazing. On my actual birthday we traveled all day because we were going to a different state in India. We rode a train at 3:00 am which was kinda sketch but really cool then drove several hours to our destination. The trip there was fantastic we were in the city so we really got to experience India. Elections were happening at that time so the people were cray they put red powder on themselves and drove around playing music and cheering and they came alongside our van and surrounded our van and were coming through the windows, dancing, and banging on the side it was freaking amazing. The scenery is what got me. I didn’t really expect to see such beautiful mountains. I was in such awe. The whole time I was amazed that it was only a small portion of the world but yet so detailed and so magnificent. Later on we reached our destination. We were staying at a local hotel in the mountains. Later that night my team came in my room with balloons and a cake and they went around in a circle and said some really nice things about me and it was just ahhh… it was the best birthday I’ve ever had. Anyways the second week we worked at a compassion international site. Because of pressure from the government on that compassion site we couldn’t really talk about Jesus which was kinda difficult for my team and me but God still showed us ways to show his love. The last week we went to a different compassion site we would work with them in the morning and then in the afternoon we would go to a boys orphanage and play cricket or soccer with the boys. It was one of my favorite stops. Throughout the month we would preach on Sundays and the experience was amazing. Every Sunday we would share our testimonies and the guys gave the sermons. Something that my team really focused on was being in tune with the spirit and doing as the spirit has asked us to do. So we would be in constant prayer and give our worries to God and every time we spoke, each of our testimonies aligned with one another or around the same theme and it was really cool to see the spirit move like that because we didn’t talk to each other or prepare with one another so it was fantastic to see God use us.

Other Fun Stuff

The whole mission trip was super fun. But here are a few more things that were really fun.

When we were at MJC we were cleaning the dining hall and a water fight broke out. It was so much fun,

Another thing was we rode elephants which was pretty fun.

We also went to a tiger reserve and were chased by monkeys

We went to a market, it was super crazy. It was raining like cray and traffic was cray but it was a great experience.

About every other day, the second week we went sightseeing. We hiked a lot. There was one day we went up to this mountain and we were literally in the clouds the clouds were actually going through us it was extraordinary

Every now and then in the van my team leaders would break into a rap and it was fantastic.

We crossed a crazy river.

Our contacts were some of our favorite people.

Favorite things

The people, the food, the smiles, the kids, the colors, my team, everything…

My thank you

Thank you all so much for all of your support. I don’t say it lightly when I say that I really appreciate you. You partnered with my financially and in prayer. You helped me get to India. You were part of the seeds that were planted, because you not only partnered with me or my team or my school but rather with the kingdom of the Lord so thank yo


by Conner Salter